Narrative Idea

Having brainstormed quite a bit I realised that I want my narrative story to be one that is documentary, this is my favourite style I feel I can work well with.

My first idea for this project stemmed from when I was sat in Starbucks having a coffee, I overheard two women talking, both sat with their children in their prams. They were both talking about their husbands and how life at home was for them, it became quite interesting when one of the women said to the other  “… and then he just got up out of bed after we’d had sex and went to the shower.. no hugs, affection or anything, he just got up”.

I felt really nosey having listened in on their conversation but also straight away had an idea for the project, what if I was to sit in coffee shops (Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero etc) and write down the stories I happen to overhear, and then recreate their stories how I visualise them. This would all be anonymous of course, its just the stories I’d be interested in.



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