Jo’s Baby Shower

Sunday 26th January 

I made my travels back to Orpington to meet Jo for the first time, having not met Jo before I was a bit scared she would change her mind and not want me at the baby shower, but she was in fact really inviting and keen on the idea. Arriving at Jo’s house after driving back from Farnham I was pretty shaky. How was I going to go about this? Was everyone going to think I was strange taking photos? Would anyone mind me being there? When I first walked in it was so overwhelming, a lady opened the door and greeted me with a big smile welcoming me in, lots and lots of women were in the sitting room chatting and laughing, then emerged Jo from a crowd of people greeting me with a hug and assured me to make myself at home.

Okay so there I was in this house.. full of women and children… not knowing anyone.. wow I had really thrown myself in the deep end. But I started to talk to people, lots of Jo’s family and friends were there and they were all very chatty and interested in my project, after a while it felt natural me being there taking photographs. It was also a really nice chance for me to start and get to know Jo as a person, I’m really looking forward to showing the progression of my project.

Here’s a section of my contact sheet of photos from the baby shower..




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