Visiting Nan = Cuppa Tea and Biscuits


Aside to the narrative project which is frazzling my brain, I visited my nan today and it was so nice to see her, of course I had a good old cuppa tea and biscuit. I snapped a few photo’s of her on the sly, she was too busy talking bless her she didn’t even notice.

I rarely see my nan being that I’m at uni so whenever I visit her its a nice little catch up. Although she tends to tell me stories that she’s told me about 5 times before, its still really nice to hear her excitement in her voice when she tells me them.

I’d like to do a personal project about my nan in the future if I do get any spare time, I’d like to highlight how her life has dramatically changed over the last couple of years due to countless set backs and operations but she’s still a tough cookie.


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