New Project Idea

Okay so I did like my old idea, but for some reason it just wasn’t doing it enough for me. Having talked to my mum about her experiences of being a nurse, midwife and health visitor I had a brainstorm for a new idea! I wanted to photograph a pregnancy (a few weeks before the birth), and then weeks after the newborn baby had arrived using the linear structure.

This was all good and well talking to my mum about how exciting this would be until BAM I realised that I didn’t know anyone pregnant at all.

I started to really think about this idea, being really keen on persisting with this idea determined my next moves… Facebook is a great way to get your words across so I decided to post on a few groups about my project to hopefully get a response. This is where my luck came in, a really friendly lady called Jo got in touch with me and said she was interested to be in my project, we exchanged conversation over facebook and agreed that our first meet could be at her Baby Shower on Sunday 26th January. This was great news, I was so excited that i’d found someone who was interested, the only problem being that it would mean i’d have to travel home (1 hour away) each time to photograph Jo, but that didn’t matter at all to me because she was so lovely! I just wanted to get on with this project after feeling so lost with it.



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