Lunch with Jo

Monday 27th January

So a day after my first meet with Jo at her baby shower we planned to meet for lunch to be able to properly talk about the project and to get to know one another. We met in a small cafe, it was a really nice atmosphere and the food was great! Jo was supposed to be working that day at her office, but her colleagues had the flu and warned her not to come in – so she was resorting to carry on her work from home after our meet up. What had already struck me about Jo is that she’s a determined woman and passionate about her career, despite being heavily pregnant she is still adamant to work up to her due date – I think this is brilliant that she still chooses to have her own independence. 

We chatted for over an hour to which we realised our parking was about to run out, so she then invited me back to her nan’s house where she would be working on her laptop which was just around the corner. This was a great chance for me to chat with a her nan and granddad who are very excited for the arrival of the newborn. I started to take photographs of Jo at the house, she was dressed in her clothes for work still and was working on her laptop for part of the time I was there which was a good chance for me to take photos of her in that atmosphere. 

One of the nicest things about this visit was when we was sat down having a cup of tea and some biscuits the baby started to kick, in which Jo immediately put her hand on her stomach to feel the baby as though to comfort her, I had captured this moment with my camera which was very beautiful to see.

Although the aim of my project is to document a pregnancy (having not known Jo beforehand), I feel that getting to know Jo, and documenting her personal experience is also allowing us to form a small friendship along the way.

Here’s a bit of the contact sheet of photogrpahs from the day;



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