At Last.. A Book

Well its that time again.. hand in time! Felt pretty good to have been able to produce a piece of work like this, I really enjoyed making a book and putting the whole thing together. Lets just say its not as easy as it looks!






Choosing a font..

Choosing a font..

Found this very helpful, after having a talk with someone about what fonts to use it was suggested to go for something non-bulky and to try and avoid going above 12pt in size.
I quite like the look of Original Garamond, it is simple, clean and looks like it would work well within a small book.

Thursday 13th February – Narrative Review

Overall my review for my digital piece went well, we had to talk about our theme, stratagies we used, experimentation and presentation of the video.

With regards to improving my digital piece to make it even better the comments i got were as follows:

– sort out the sound to make sure it all matches, make it cleaner and flowing

– add more audio and photos to make it longer

– take out my voice from the piece completely, make it specifically about Jo

– double check the transitions to make sure they flow


Plan for the next few weeks.. 

– have a back up plan for narrative book piece as idea is not reliable

– keep shooting photos

– carry on research

– organise time effectively for deadline as I will miss out on a week due to work experience

– go to InDesign workshops to see how a book can be put together

– research book types to suit my theme